There once was a girl. Her name was Janae. She believed in the right to express herself as she saw fit and was often thought of as “that weird girl.” As the years progressed it was apparent that the road she would travel through her life would not be straight from start to finish but would wind and spiral as she so decided.

The first escape from the straight and narrow happened in her 16th year of life. As she realized high school was a mere place for young adults to gossip and cause mischief in their own lives as well as in others; she decided to leave.

Entering the Early College Program, Janae began to discover what she didn’t want to do with her life. Psychology, sociology, criminology, meteorology and so forth; she began to immerse her mind with numerous subjects. It was not until being enrolled at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication her sophomore year in college that she found the right fit.

The classroom was full and the professor opened with the line, “Has anyone ever called you weird? Are you good at story telling? Then you’re in the right place.” And she at once knew that this place, this career choice, was where she was destined to travel.

Janae is in her senior year working towards a double major in advertising and public relations with a minor in communication studies and expects to graduate in spring 2013.


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